AI Image Generator Google Editor Add-on (Dall-E)

About the Add-On

The AI Image Generator allows for easy access to the Dall-E Deep Learning model API for generating images. This is a very cool AI tool that generates semi-surreal images by mixing what it has previously learned and keywords in your query. It allows you to quickly and easily search for, and pick some of these images while you edit your document. This eases multitasking as the Dall-E model takes 1-2 minutes to run each query.

Installation Issues FAQ

  1. I cannot see the app on the side
  2. You need to click on the Menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.) under your document name > Add-Ons (or Extensions) > AI Image Generator Standalone > Show Sidebar
  3. I cannot find the App under Add-Ons/Extensions
  4. Please try creating a fresh new document and check under Add-Ons (or Extensions). It can take Google about 1min to enable and display the app. If the now App appears in a fresh new document, but not on your existing documents, please try refreshing the page. It seems to take slightly longer to enable for existing documents.
  5. The above still doesn't work!
  6. Send me an email. If you send me feedback through Google, please include as much info as you can, as Google doesn't let me reply to you! It hides your email address

About Me

I am maintaining this project with the few hours of my free time as a PhD student. If you have a problem, please email me at this address. For questions about the Dall-E model, query tips, community support, or to contribute, please visit the model page.

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

The AI Images add-on does not collect or distribute any information about you or about the documents you are using it with.

Required Permissions & Your Data

The Add-On will ask for permission to connect to an External Service. This is used to call the Dall-E model API and retrieve the images. No information except for the text you enter in the Search textbox is sent.

The Add-On will also ask for permission to display a sidebar. It uses the sidebar to allow you to enter terms to search for images and display the images returned.

It requires no other permissions.

No data is gathered about your or your Google Editor documents. All the app knows is the query you type in the search box.
Dall-E's Privacy Policy

For Dall-E's Terms and Privacy Policy please see this link.